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Little Green & Easybella 28

This is not just author's notes; there is a full length new LG&E chapter.

It comes in the shape of an outtake and it's brilliant.
It's what many of you have been asking for – Esme's side of the story –
and you can read it right now!

Back in Nov 2010, when this fic was just a one-shot, I got this review:

"This was beautiful. The thing that hit me as so real about it was how sensitive he was to her scent. My 9-year-old son has Aspergers, and whenever he hugs me, he sniffs me. (…) I feel like I'm seeing ten years into his future when I read this. (…)"

That's how I met SqueakyZorro.
When more and more readers said they would love an Esme POV, I immediately thought of her. I always knew that I would never write Esme, but if anyone could, it got to be her. That was months ago! I finally got my chance to ask her when I won her Fandom Gives Back one-shot auction.

So damn happy she agreed… And boy, did she deliver! She did not just write Esme, she became Esme.
Her insightful and touching LG&E outtake 'Trust' took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.
I cannot thank her enough for how much thought and work and heart she poured into it!
Get all your questions answered, and so much more.

Please go and meet SqueakyZorro. Little Green is sending you.
Leave her your thoughts and some love. I will read every review, just saying!
Xoxo, Betti

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